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Haute Couture Fashion Week 2020 was, on the one hand, the end of an important stage, on the other hand, the beginning of a new era, symbolic of the new decade.



Vladislav Lisovets about his work with Russian pop and Russian rock stars and his own art space LISObon.

There are many successful design duos in world fashion, some of them are linked by family ties. Sisters Julia and Alisa Ruban (Ruban brand) and daughters-in-law Veronica Swanson and Veronica Mile Beard (Veronica Beard brand) believe that in joint creativity, trust in each other is most important.


Fashion as an important conversation. Winners of the most prestigious awards for young designers Bethany Williams and Thebe Magugu seek to make the world a better place through fashion and art. Los Angeles-based designer Claire Weaver creates bags and accessories worn by Hollywood stars. We spoke with Claire about the safest way to impress



Enjoy naturalness, but don't be afraid to be vibrant. An overview of spring-summer makeup trends. If the winter has not passed without a trace for the skin. How to restore skin after cold weather. Director and co-founder of the sports club "Section" Tatiana Deniskina told L'OFFICIEL RUSSIA about new fashion trends in fitness and proven ways to get the figure of your dreams. A spectacular tattoo is one of the surest ways to attract attention. Top tattoo artists have revealed some of the secrets of their profession



The most impressive new architectural projects: how the architects impressed us in the past year and what to expect in the near future. Artist Pokras Lampas showed L'OFFICIEL RUSSIA his workshop at the Sevkabel plant in St. Petersburg, where we discussed the state of the Russian art market, its attitude to contemporary street art in Russia, learned the artist's future plans and were the first to see new works for Opera Gallery.


Lyubov Tolkalina and Polina Vitorgan talk about personal, common and dear ones. Why rap is the main music of the past and possibly the coming decade. The opinion of the musician Ivan Alekseev, known as Noize MC

It is not easy to tell everything, but sometimes it is necessary. Director, journalist and writer Katerina Gordeeva admitted that after each of her films, something always happens that changes someone's life. The main truth of the "New Pope". One of the strongest cultural impressions of the past winter was Paolo Sorrentino's New Pope series, a sequel to the acclaimed Young Pope.



Famous fashion houses release Travel collections, in which the most important thing, of course, is the suitcase.



Paris Fashion Week opened with a Dior show, Bvlgari Jewelry House presented a new B.zero1 Rock collection, a Petrushka ball was held in New York, the Moscow Museum of Modern Art celebrated 20th anniversary.

L'OFFICIEL Russia 179

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